What kind of input is taken for this skill profile?

We currently work with the following types of input data and content. 

  • Blogs
  • Publications
  • Q&A answers
  • Online Competitions 
  • Certifications 
  • Corporate Communities 
  • Public Presentations 
  • Ratings on gigs   


Who is using it already?

Thousands of professionals and freelancers are already boosting their efforts in enhancing their online reputation and demonstrating their skills. Zyncd is powering professional and niche communities with over +50,000 users. They work in various areas such as transport innovation, life sciences, consulting, products and services and so on.


How can companies use Zyncd?

We offer solutions for companies to better tap into the talents of the freelancing world or to enrich the databases of your own resume-databases. Click here for more information about Zyncd's corporate solutions.


Is it really for FREE for candidates?

Yes it is and always will be. Our business model is selling access to our platform to recruiters, enterprises and jobs-boards. We do not charge individuals - for you it is a totally free tool!