Tap into the skills and talents of the digital workforce


We are in the middle of a workforce revolution where the old way of assessing skills with a resume is outdated. The new generation of workers has a growing online footprint that better assesses their skills.


Companies can easily tap into this world of talent and skills-data via Zyncd.


Find candidates


Create a company account on the Zyncd platform to access new high-skilled professionals.


You are looking for suitable candidates for a job or gig?

Zyncd helps you to find the best suitable professionals for your vacancy. So create your Zyncd company account today.

Enrich your database


Connect with Zyncd to receive more skills data of your users – dynamically refreshed every day.


Your user profiles are stale and outdated?

Zyncd brings your firm more skills data from your users, refreshed automatically. Via Zyncd your members show off their skills better to get the jobs or promotions they deserve.



For Job-Boards


Access professionals who have a verified skills profile.

Get dynamic skills details for candidates from around the web, refreshed daily.

For Freelance-Networks

Attract the best fitting specialist for open projects on your network based on our detailed skills-profiles.

Ensure your skilled members can show off their skills in a better way to impress the employers on your site.


For Enterprises


Get more skills data from your employees and assess which members have the best skills for specific roles or promotions.




We charge per click and API call, ensuring your company or network only pays per actual usage.