How employable are you? Your Employability Index can answer.

What makes you employable? How do you compare your skills against your competitors along the various dimensions of employability? Well, you must be wondering what employability is.  It is the future of hiring and finding the right jobs. Yes, the future of work is here: your Employability Index shows your skillset and enables you to match with the right job and assess skill gaps.  

In the old world, you have your 4-year degree and then you work in average +3 years for different employers, crafting a bit of prose about your career on a piece of paper: the resume. The time of the static online CVs is over given that we are in a dynamic interconnected work environment where workers switch jobs in average less than 2 years or not even go the employee route but rather become full-time freelancers. Already 34% of the US workforce is on temporary contracts and the trend for this gig economy is rising.

Employers and recruiters these days have a very specific list of requirements that they are looking for in a candidate and they demand skills-driven profiles of candidates, not chronological tales of their last 20 years on earth.  

But how do professionals and freelancers find out how well their skills match job roles? And how do they know if they have any crucial skills gaps they should focus on closing with some online courses, or learnings or on-the-job training? 

The Employability Index of Zyncd is solving that problem: we enable professionals and freelancers to consolidate all their skills, online profiles and work achievements from around the web in one combined skills-profile. Your skills profile measures your level of skills and also calculates an Employability Index based on your skills and what recruiters and employers are looking for. You instantaneously know if you have a good chance at getting a call back on a role/gig based on how closely your skills match with job-requirements. Furthermore, Zyncd will recommend which skills you should improve and where you lack depth and you can right away find ways to improve your skills by enrolling in an online class on Coursera, or learning from peer-discussions or attending event or reading books/articles about that subject.


So, are you ready to assess your Employability? Zyncd makes all the small things count – every little action you take to practice or improve your skills boosts your Employablity Index.