When you ask freelancers what they need for more successful careers, they say, ‘I want my skills to stand out more.’. And if you ask recruiter/hiring managers what they are looking for in an application: they mostly say ‘verifiable skills’.

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If you look closely, they are both talking about the same thing. Freelancers do not call it a need to ‘verify’ their skills, because they know they have those skills and that’s what they are offering. Even if they are not quite proficient, they know they will manage to deliver the work they have to. The only catch is how to grab the attention of recruiters or how to stand out among the hundreds of identical applicants. Freelancers want to find a way to make their past achievements, ratings or feedback from past projects, certifications, courses etc. to look better and represent their real capabilities when they are applying for jobs or projects.

On the other side of the table, the recruiter is thinking: “we received 34 applications, 12 of them are great. But now how do I actually check and verify that the candidate is actually an amazing SEO specialist and not just on paper? How can I trust that the skills on the resume is an accurate reflection of the candidate’s capabilities?”

To answer these questions, currently, recruiters can only call references, or dig their way through 15 online profiles of the candidate, or read some of their content/blogs somewhere on the web or give them a live test in their office.   

So, in a way, both sides of the equation are looking for the same thing: how can we better show the real skills? One side talks about showing and selling their skills better and the other side seeks for concrete and verifiable skills.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was one click solution to this? Just how much effort recruiters can incur on researching on the candidate’s skills, right? It would be amazing if job seekers, be it freelancers or full-time employees, did not have to tailor their CV to each new job and could show all of their skills in one open platform.   

Well, Zyncd’s smart CV for freelancers and young professionals helps both sides. We allow professionals to combine all their online profiles, achievements and ratings from their digital footprint in order to show their real skills in a more objective and powerful way. At the same time, employers get a verified profile of a skillset based on peer evaluations, certificates and verified achievements.

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