Why does Zyncd exist?

Professionals create lots of content and have ratings scattered on multiple networks that demonstrate their knowledge and soft-skills. These signals of knowledge, expertise and skills are a great source of verified skills that recruiters are looking for. 


Our mission to replace the old-school resume

Zyncd is the smart and dynamic CV. Zyncd consolidate skills from across networks, verifies soft skills and uses A.I to assess your expertise.

What solutions do we offer?

  1. For recruiters: a faster way to find the right skilled candidates. Learn more

  2. For businesses: better assess the skills of your workforce. Learn more


What does name 'Zyncd' mean?

Our company name Zyncd is a play on the verb 'to sync' (i.e. synchronise your expertise across networks). 


Who is behind Zyncd?

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Get to know the whole team & our Board members