Zyncd is your smart CV. 


Connect. Verify. Monetize. 


We help professionals and freelancers to consolidate their skills to advance their career.


  • Control your digital footprint.
  • Consolidate skills you demonstrated across web.
  • Verify key expertise.
  • Display on jobs board and gig platforms.
  • Advance career.
  • Monetize your  skills.

How does it work?

1. Connect your networks

Easily connect all your professional networks to build a consolidated pool of key skills which you can publish across networks.


2. VERIFY your skills

We convert your ratings and peer votes on your professional content into trusted skills and verifiable expertise. 



You display your trusted skills in professional networks and gig platforms, which boost your career prospects and get better gigs.





Why Zyncd?


Get rewarded for YOUR great content

Your online content is scattered across networks. What if you could use all the ratings and peer votes to boost your career. Zyncd enables you to show your professional credibility based on great content

Display skills across networks

Instantly publish your proven skills to online networks. In just a few clicks, you can boost your professional reputation across networks.

Advance your career

Employers seek proven skills. Whether you are a freelancer or a professional, Zyncd makes your skills easily verifiable and credible.

Monetize your skills

Access new income opportunities with our partner networks such as freelancing platforms, consulting platforms and job sites.   

How Zyncd works

Networks who are connected to us

Are you a company? We help you boost user engagement by up to 20%. Learn more.

Do you have an online network or community?


Companies can connect to the Zyncd Platform to grow user engagement and boost conversions.

  • Increase user engagement by 20%  in your online community.
  • Building stronger relationships with your users drive sales.
  • Zyncd incentivizes users to create high quality content that drives user engagement and traffic