Empower Your Network

Connecting seekers of advice with the right experts from trusted networks for 22 minutes of knowledge sharing.

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Knowledge Sharing

We offer your network members a new way to achieve an old goal - collaboration - via crowdsharing.

  • You Seek Expertise

    A huge world of experts is just one click away
  • We Play Matchmaker

    ZyncdScore finds the right expert for your request
  • You Connect for 22 Minutes

    We enable people to connect in a fun and timely fashion

Who’s it for?

Networking platforms

Zyncd will enable your users to easier share knowledge. This will increase your user activity, help you to identify talent, to get more accurate user data and to increase revenue.

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Startup accelerators, University networks, VC Portfolios

Zyncd will provide better knowledge exchange between your members to increase their chances of success. Peer-to-Peer advice is now available to all your members to help each other

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Large Enterprises & Government

Zyncd will enable a more efficient knowledge exchange, help you to spot talent within and from outside your employee base and get high-quality outside expertise to spur innovation.

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Zyncd aims to liberate how people share knowledge. We believe that the exchange of knowledge makes us each more successful and that sharing of advice should be free, seamless and timely.
— Simon Schneider & Roy Kama - the founders of Zyncd.