What is Zyncd?


It's an open platform where skilled people consolidate and verify their expertise to advance their career


What if..? 



You could collect every rating you received for professional content on the web.

You could verify your skills in the +10 professional networks you are a member of: university alumni networks, to industry associations and corporate networks.

Every new contribution, answer and blog would count,

And you could publish your Verified-Skills to the networks where you can monetize your expertise.


How does it work?


ZYNCD integrates your ratings from all professional networks and enables you to use your certified skills to boost your career across all networks.

Connect your accounts from any professional network.

Collect ratings, likes and peer rankings on your professional content.

ZYNCD will calculate your Verified-Skills points.


We are the new resume of the Gig Economy & Freelancing


As the gig economy rises extremely fast we are here to help gig-workers and freelancers with self-promotion

We can consolidate your achievements, skills, online courses, ratings etc. in one place for you to publish them to your chosen networks (LinkedIn, Truelancer etc.)

Our Verified-Skills are built around proven expertise and skills - forget the old school online resumes.



                                Never leave a blank spot in your career

                                Never leave a blank spot in your career


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